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Mastering Innovation: Google Cloud’s Approach to Transformative Problem-Solving and Sustainable Growth | Scott Thompson

Imagine falling head-over-heels for a problem, not just the solution. That’s the philosophy Scott Thompson from Google Cloud brings to the table. In this episode of the Mentor List Podcast we unpack the art of innovation in solving business dilemmas. Scott takes us behind the scenes at Google Cloud, where challenges are embraced with open arms.

Scott’s approach goes beyond surface-level solutions; he dives deep into the core of issues, gathering insights from a diverse range of voices, from seasoned industry veterans to eager newcomers. This conversation is all about igniting growth and transformative change.

Scott shares secrets from the Google playbook, such as the 20% time policy, which fosters creativity without compromising productivity.It’s a discussion that traverses the boundaries of where great ideas originate and how they’re sculpted to fit new molds in different industries.

Tune in as we explore the nuances of leadership and mentorship with Scott, dissecting the ingredients that make for a thriving business environment. From hiring creative thinkers to nurturing careers through guidance, we confront the balance essential for innovation-led growth.

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