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Leading with Intention: John Pollears on Building a Purpose-Driven Career and a Joyful Life

Dive into the mind of John Pollaers, a visionary whose career achievements rival the plot of an inspiring biopic. From ascending to CEO by 35 to pioneering change in assistive technology, John takes us through the chapters of his life that exemplify leadership with a steadfast purpose. His story is not just a roadmap to success but a guide to living with intention, as he breaks down the philosophy that drove him to make an indelible mark on society and industry alike.

As we unravel John’s journey, we’re reminded that the balance of work and life’s pleasures isn’t a tightrope but a spacious path to be navigated with joy. He shares his wisdom on redefining retirement, not as an end but as a shift towards a life of desired engagement and impact. The tales of his own experiences, from academic rigor to boardroom strategising, illuminate how the joy of the journey can elevate both personal fulfilment and professional accomplishment.

Lastly, John imparts the significance of fostering positivity and effective communication during corporate transitions, providing a masterclass in maintaining morale amidst upheaval. His anecdote about the weekly calls that rallied his team through a hostile takeover illustrates the transformative power of a leader who champions continuous learning and adapts with agility. So plug in, as we take you through a narrative that not only celebrates an extraordinary career but also serves as a catalyst for your own story of purpose-driven success.

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