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New Governing Leadership & Victorian Economy with Phil Martin & Tim Pallas

Join us for an exclusive Live Online session featuring our resident Government expert and Guest Mentor Phil Martin as he discusses the New Governing leadership and the State of the Victorian Economy with Tim Pallas, MP – Member for Werribee, Treasurer of Victoria.

This session will provide a comprehensive update on the current trends, challenges, and prospects that are shaping our economic future. With a new dynamic leadership team at the government, we will explore the innovative strategies, policies, and partnerships that are being forged to create a thriving and collaborative business ecosystem, ensuring that your organisation stays ahead of the curve. 

Thursday, 7th December 2023
9:00 am10:15 am
Online Studio
featuring Tim Pallas & Phill Martin

In this online session, Tim will discuss:

  • An update on the state of the Victorian Economy
  • Doing business with the State government with the new leadership team.

Our online sessions include an interactive Q&A Session, where you can engage directly with Phill and Tim allowing you to ask pressing questions and seek alternate perspectives. It is another way for you to benefit from the extensive experience and the collective wisdom of your fellow peer group members.

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Tim Pallas & Phill Martin

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