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Live Online Mastermind | Hayden Heta & Nabeel Sadaka – Empowering Indigenous Leadership and the path to meaningful change

Hosted by Andrew Demetriou

Thursday, 16th May 2024
12:00 pm1:30 pm
Online Studio
featuring Hayden Heta & Nabeel Sadaka
Managing Director, Wamarra & CEO, Symal Group.

We are thrilled to invite you to this exclusive Live Online session on Thursday 16th May at 12pm featuring Hayden Heta, Managing Director, Wamarra and Nabeel Sadaka, CEO, Symal Group. We are excited to be joined by Group Chair, Andrew Demetriou, who will be interviewing and facilitating the discussion.

Hayden and Nabeel will share Wamarra’s genesis and its journey as a business. Wamarra’s social impact extends beyond profit, focusing on fostering inclusion and economic independence for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities through meaningful, long-term career opportunities. The discussion will delve into cross-cultural awareness and engineering.

Expect moments of candid conversation highlighting the challenges faced by indigenous businesses amidst the desire for meaningful action beyond superficial appearances. The Live Online aims to support the authentic journey of indigenous businesses, contrasting against the prevalent pattern of superficial engagement.

Here’s a brief overview of what the Live Online will be covering:


  • Wamarra’s inception and the journey of creating a culturally safe workplace.
  • The challenges encountered and benefits derived from fostering indigenous participation.
  • Wamarra’s role as the largest Aboriginal construction business in Australia, setting benchmarks for productivity and uplifting other indigenous businesses.
  • Addressing issues of fraudulent Aboriginal businesses and the importance of genuine engagement over check box exercises.
  • The costly nature of Wamarra’s business model, emphasising the commitment to hiring Aboriginal individuals despite the associated challenges.

The interview will provide insight into the complexities of indigenous business engagement and the importance of meaningful action beyond mere tokenism.

Our Live Online sessions feature an interactive Q&A segment, providing you with the opportunity to engage directly with Janey. This unique platform allows you to pose pressing questions and explore alternative perspectives. It presents an exceptional chance for you to leverage the extensive experience and collective
wisdom of your peers as you navigate the personal and corporate landscape and make well-informed business decisions.


We encourage you to submit any specific questions or topics you would like addressed in advance to Alternatively you can simply bring up your questions in the session.

We look forward to facilitating a wonderful Live Online session for you.

Event Resources

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Meet the Speaker

Hayden Heta & Nabeel Sadaka
Managing Director, Wamarra & CEO, Symal Group.

Hayden has extensive knowledge of Aboriginal culture, communities and heritage, equally, a clear understanding of needs and aspirations as they relate to community development, including employment and economic participation.

With a strong vision and an ambitious approach to progress, Nabeel’s experience in the construction industry is a key growth driver at Symal. A proven leader, with a track record for forming effective, long-term partnerships, Nabeel has the engineering skills and business acumen to bring people together through shared values.

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